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Working Together


TREA Needs You!

TREA: The Enlisted Association has grown to become one of the most influential organizations working to protect and ensure the health and welfare of all military personnel, especially the ENLISTED retirees.

The simple step of becoming a member of TREA is a tremendous help. In the battle to protect your earned benefits in the halls of Congress, the corridors of the Pentagon, and the offices of the White House, just like in most battles, BIG NUMBERS count.

We have chapters across the country. After joining, a representative from our nearest chapter may contact you and provide additional information on how you can help. You can also get information from TREA’s Legislative Office about pending legislation affecting retirees and take part in our grass-roots lobbying efforts.

You Need TREA!

Ever since the 1956 Act, pressure to cut back on the cost of military retiree benefits -- especially health care -- has grown relentlessly. Unless we can remain vigilant on your behalf, there is little to stop that trend from continuing.

The leaders of TREA and our legislative staff in Washington cannot fight alone -- we need your help and support. In short, we need you to join TREA and help us help you.

As the most powerful voice for retired enlisted personnel from all branches of service, TREA fights every day in Washington DC to protect your military retirement benefits. We can only continue to have this kind of clout and influence if retired AND active duty men and women like you join TREA and stay with us for the long haul.

Just as freedom can only be protected through eternal vigilance, so it is with the promised health and welfare benefits of retired military personnel.

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